Meet Your Galactic Ambassadors

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Dr. Lisa Thompson is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Intuitive Transformational Coach who supports and empowers women to intentionally design their best life by living from their yes, so they can embrace self-love, trust their intuition, and gracefully move forward through their fears to take inspired action to live a life they love.

Lisa has been fascinated with the night sky and the possibility of alien life since she was a little girl. She has had direct contact with two different alien races, which she shares about during the tour. She is an Arcturian starseed and is here to teach about love and unity.

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Lisa is the best-selling author of "Sacred Soul Love: Manifesting True Love and Happiness by Revealing and Healing Blockages and Limitations" and "Sacred Soul Spaces: Designing Your Personal Oasis." She is a contributing author of the international best-selling books, "Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness" and "Manifestations: True Stories of Bringing the Imagined Into Reality." Her newest compilation book, "The Wild Woman's Book of Shadows," is now available.

Lisa is a soul-inspiring speaker for Celebrate Your Life, Quantum Miracles Mastery docu-series, One Heart One Earth Global Awakening, and Inspired LIFE! Women's Event, as well as an expert faculty member of Inspired Living University. She is a contributing author for Aspire Magazine. 

Lisa earned a PhD in Organismal Biology and Anatomy from the University of Chicago and was a professor of Biology specializing in anatomy, physiology and evolution of animals. Several years ago, she merged her scientific background with her spiritual gifts and awareness to teach and heal others. She is an Advanced Certified Past Life Regression Coach and an expert in the Human Design modality.

Lisa utilizes her creativity in many ways. She has been designing jewelry, inspired by her world travels and love of nature, for the last 30 years. She has created 6 unique oracle card decks. She teaches and inspires through classes, workshops, retreats, and recorded meditative journeys.

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Skip Thompson

Skip Thompson has a Bachelor degree in Finance from Pacific Lutheran University. He has spent most of his adult life in the mortgage industry, originating home loans. He has also been an auditor for the State of Washington and owned and operated retail stores. He has recently joined his wife, Lisa, in leading Big Island UFO Tours.


Skip has been a UFO enthusiast for years and had a close encounter over his former home in Tacoma several years ago. He shares his story on the tour.