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Hawaii's Galactic Connection

Hawaii: Land of Lemuria


Other channeled material, including that of Kryon, indicates that the Pleiadians were instrumental in seeding the land of Lemuria (also referred to as Mu). Lemuria was thought to be a land-bridge continent spanning from Micronesia across the Pacific Ocean to Easter Island, including the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand. Around 9600 BC, the last major flood covered most of Lemuria, leaving the mountaintops exposed as islands.


During the war between Lemuria and Atlantis, Lemurians went underground into lava tubes as a refuge to survive. There are possible portals that connect lava tubes and hidden doorways and passages, created by the Lemurians. One such lava tube is the Kaumana lava tube in Hilo. Dr. Michael Salla and his wife had their own mystical experience in the caves of Kaumana. The Akua telepathically told his wife they were coming back.

Hawaii is one of the most remote places on Earth. It is also one of the most volatile with volcanic activity, which creates amplified electromagnetic energy. It is at the center of a wave of UFO activity. Below is a summary of the information shared on "Ancient Aliens, Season 14, Episode 12: Islands of Fire."


Hawaiian Connection to the Pleiades


Kimokeo Kapahulehua, a well-known Hawaiian kupuna (elder), shares the story of how Hawaiians came from the star people on an Ancient Aliens episode (Season 14, Episode 12). Each Autumn, the Hawaiians celebrate the return of the Pleiades constellation coming back to northern hemisphere. Other Pacific dwelling cultures celebrate the Pleiades as well, including Australia, Japan, and other islands of Polynesia.



Tiki Statues and What They Represent


The Akua are the gods of the Hawaiians and are represented through the state as tiki statues. One of the most prominent tiki sites is at the Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park in Honaunau. There are 2 distinct styles of tikis, possibly depicting two different alien races – the grays and Pleiadeans, as theorized by Dr. Salla.


Menehune are said to be created by the gods/Akua. They might actually be the gray aliens, standing at 2.5 to 3 feet tall. They are small magical creatures, on Earth as a species before the Hawaiians formed in Polynesia. They are thought to work at night very quickly. Dr. Salla believes they are hybrids of extraterrestrials.


Petroglyph Fields


Other evidence of alien visitation and known reality of portals can be found in the petroglyph fields, including Pu’uloa in Volcanoes National Park. The petroglyphs found in Hawaii are identical to the ones found on Easter Island and throughout the Pacific islands. The Rongorongo is a system of glyphs discovered on Easter Island that depicts humanoids that vary slightly from the ones found in Hawaii. The glyphs could be possible portals to other worlds and dimensions.


Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry Connection to Hawaii  


An interesting feature of where the Big Island of Hawaii sits on our Earth is related to its latitude of 19.5 degrees. The significance of this number can be found in sacred geometry. When you have a tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) within a sphere facing upward and a second tetrahedron facing downward, creating a star tetrahedron, the intersecting lines cross at 19.5 degrees exactly. This creates hotspots to teleport, intergalactic travel, and interplanetary travel.


On our earth, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea sit at roughly 19.5 degrees, as do some of the pyramids in Mexico and the location of Easter Island, among other mountainous structures on Earth (For more information, visit 


When we look at the solar system, an interesting pattern emerges. At 19.5 degrees, the following activity and structures are apparent:


Sun - sunspot activity and the region of peak temperatures

Venus - active major volcano complexes of Alpha and Beta Regio

Mars - Olympus Mons shield cone volcano

Jupiter - “red spot”

Neptune - similar spot as Jupiter


Hawaii itself is thought to be a portal to galactic areas, via a wormhole.



The connection that the Hawaiian people have to their galactic family is so strong that a Star Visitor Sanctuary was constructed in Pahoa on the Big Island in 2014.

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