Welcome to the PREMIER UFO Tour
on the Big Island of Hawaii

Enjoy the night sky in a whole new way!


On this tour, we introduce you to the unseen night sky with our advanced 3rd-generation military night vision goggles. We educate you on general information regarding alien and UFO phenomena, as well as share our own personal experiences with our galactic family and friends. Our mission is to change the fear-based narrative to one of love and unity.

The first question that may come to your mind is, "Are UFOs real?"


The answer is YES! Even the government is now slowly releasing evidence of alien visitors into the mainstream. Watch the video that compiles three separate declassified UFO incidents captured by Navy pilots. 

Whether you have had a personal experience, a dream, or something else, you have likely come into contact with the unknown, and more specifically, a UFO. Our Galactic Ambassadors, Skip and Dr. Lisa Thompson, certainly have!

Hawaii Island is a known "hotspot" for UFO activity. A mass sighting was reported on the Big Island in Oct. 2020, with controversy over what it actually was. Scientists dismissed it as a rocket booster, however, its behavior and lack of debris contradicts this.

There is also believed to be an underwater UFO base off the coast of the islands, with the most recent group witnessing of a craft above Oahu in Jan 2021, which then dove into the ocean.


The native Hawaiians believe they originated from the Pleiades constellation. There are numerous stories across time about Hawaii being part of the spiritual land of Lemuria, also referred to as "Mu."


"What a FUN evening!!! Skip and Lisa shared so much interesting and magical information about the energy

and extraterrestrial activity on the Big Island. I loved looking into the evening sky with their military grade goggles!

There is soooo much to see! My favorite part was when Lisa offered her meditation to connect with our very

own extraterrestrial being. I can't wait to share this experience with my family and friends when they

come to visit the island!"     Feather F.


We have two tour options, depending on your interest level

Option 1: Intro UFO Tour

This 1.5 hour tour will introduce you to the unseen world of the Hawaiian night sky, with our advanced Gen 3 military night vision goggles. You will learn about what is "known" (or identified) and how those objects behave, including satellites, planes, helicopters, and drones. Once you are trained in the "known," you will then be able to experience the "unknown" (or unidentified). We use state-of-the-art satellite tracking software to know exactly what satellites are flying overhead at any time, so there is no confusion about what is in the sky. Our guides talk story about their own personal experiences with UFOs and aliens.

Adults (ages 12+): $100/person

Kama'aina (ages 12+): $85/person

Children (ages 6-11): $50/person

Children (under the age of 6): Free


Option 2: Expanded Spiritual UFO Tour

This 1.5 hour tour is an ADD-ON to the Intro Tour and begins directly after the first part of the tour ends. We guide you through a meditative journey to meet your galactic "guides and/or family" and to raise your vibration to call in spacecraft. We will introduce you to some of the different alien races and identify where they come from and how they have been a part of humanity throughout time. This experience will provide you with a newfound appreciation for the evolution of humanity and how we fit into the expansive Universe. Due to the nature of this part of the tour, it is restricted to ages 12 and over only.

Adults (ages 12+): $150/person (includes the Intro UFO Tour, for a total of 3 hours)















**Please Note: Every night's experience is DIFFERENT. We cannot guarantee the motions of, flight patterns of, or how UFO's may or may not appear in the night sky.

All UFO tours begin after sundown. Military Night Vision Goggles are provided 1 for every (2) adults. Kids (ages 6-11) share goggles with a parent while the parent holds the equipment (under direct supervision). Children under the age of 6 will not be allowed to use the military goggles and can come on the tour for free. We provide chairs and equipment, and we have a limited number of blankets for extra warmth. We highly recommend you dress in layers with close-toed shoes, as it can be quite a bit cooler in temperature at our elevated viewing location.

You will need your own vehicle as you will meet and follow our guides to our amazing viewing location. Please keep in mind there are no restrooms located at the viewing site.









These tours rely on at least fairly clear skies and little to no moisture to operate. For this reason we MAY postpone, reschedule, or cancel a tour during that poses a significant safety concern to our travelers. Should we need to cancel a tour, you will have the opportunity to reschedule (if space allows) on a different night. If you are not able to reschedule, a refund will be issued. We will determine by 5pm on the tour day if the weather is cooperative. Should you need to cancel your tour for your own personal reasons, you will need to do so AT LEAST 24 hours before the tour to receive a full refund. If you cancel within the 24 hours before, no refund will be issued.

"This was such a fun, informative and interactive tour, The sky was so beautiful, I loved watching things

my naked eye would never notice with the use of the night vision googles! I can't wait to do it again!"

Michelle B.

What we provide:

  • One set of Military-grade night vision goggles for every 2 adults (10 adults maximum on each tour)

  • Chair

  • Blanket (limited availability)

  • State-of-the-art apps for tracking satellites and identifying planets, stars, and constellations

  • Bottled water

  • A fun-filled, educational experience of a lifetime

  • and more. . .

Upon checkout, you will have the opportunity to add on (optional) our Big Island UFO Tours hoodie (sizes Small to XXL) for extra warmth at our higher elevation, as well as to extend your tour for the Expanded Spiritual experience, connecting to your galactic family.

Single Travelers:

Single travelers are grouped with already existing tours. Our booking minimum is for 2 people as we calculate this by the number of goggles we provide on tour which is a standard of 1 goggle per two adults.  Single traveler rates are $200 (if no other people have booked) for the Intro Tour, as booking minimums are set for 2 people.

"The truth is out there. I might be more of a Skully when it comes to UFO's. Skeptical, but curious, and

open to discover what is out there in our expansive universe. I was quick to accept when a friend of mine

asked if we wanted to come along for a UFO tour. It takes place at sundown where they get you set up with

a pair of binoculars, night vision goggles, and a laser pointer. And then you get a quick lesson on what to look

for in the sky and how to differentiate between a star, a satellite, aircraft, and a UFO. It was an incredible night

with lot's of stars and the planets clearly visible. Overall it was a fun and unique experience. It's worth it just to

stargaze on this beautiful island, but even better seeing stars for the first time using night vision goggles! I

learned a lot during this tour and left wanting to learn more. I think I'm less of a skeptic after the tour and

would definitely do it again."    Melody Z.


"Me and my family did this tour on the Big Island!! We had a great time! The tour guides (Skip

and Dr. Lisa) were very engaging and knowledgable about the topic of UFOs. They provided

great high tech equipment to see plenty of activity in the skies. It was super fun, informative,

and a unique experience to add to our itinerary. We highly suggest this tour whether

you live or are traveling to this area of Hawaii!!"     Grace M.

"What a great way to learn about the stars, satellites and unidentified objects in our night sky!

The night vision goggles were so awesome! Skip and Lisa have lots of fascinating information

to share, and I especially loved the parts about the Hawaiian cultural ties."      Raina A.

"I had a blast! Night vision goggles were awesome! I had no idea what to look for before

the tour, but now I feel like I do. Skip and Lisa made the experience great!"     Eric C.


Want to Learn More?

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