Are you curious about life beyond Earth? Do you look at the sky and yearn for something more? There is so much more to reality than our Earthly 3-dimensional experiences.


There are huge benefits to understanding and working with galactic energy. It can be as simple as getting over the fear of the possible existence of ETs and their interactions with Earth, to diving deep to remember who you truly are and where you come from.


Are you ready to take the next step to follow your curiosity?


ETs 101: Introduction to Extraterrestrials


In this class, we will explore:

  • An overview of aliens and extraterrestrials
  • The difference between ETs and other dimensional entities such as angels, ascended masters, and fairies
  • Where ETs come from
  • Why ETs are interacting with Earth
  • Different states of interactions with ETs
  • Signs of connection to ETs
  • The Grays and the abduction experience
  • The benefits of working with ETs


This will be the first class in a series of classes exploring the Galactic realm. Whether you are brand new to these ideas or you are seasoned experiencer, there is always something new to learn – a different way to view the Universe.


**This is a replay of the original class taught in Jan, 2022.

REPLAY - ETs 101: Introduction to Extraterrestrials