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Connection to the Cosmos: Calling in the Energy of the Galactics


Whether you realize it or not, you have unconditional support and love from the galactic realm. They want to be known and understood. They want you to understand your connection and relationship to them. They want you to consciously ask them for their guidance and wisdom.


As a Galactic Ambassador and Channeler of Arcturian Uluru, we will help to bridge the relationship between you and your star family and guides.


In this introductory class, we will begin to explore the energy and wisdom that our galactic brothers and sisters offer to humanity. This will provide a general overview of 12 different ET races and how you can call in their strengths to support you this year and beyond. As with the rest of your spirit guides and angels, your galactic guides can only help you when you actively ask for them to. It’s time to add to your power team to help guide and support you through the major changes that will be occurring this year ahead.


Class will be held and recorded on Zoom, so if you can’t make it live, you can always watch the replay.


Wed, Feb 8, 5pm PST/8pm EST

Energy of the Galactics Class

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