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Do you feel that you have been contacted or temporarily detained by one or more alien civilizations, but you don't remember the details or you feel like you have made it up in your mind? You are not alone. It is more common than people think.


The majority of experiences that people have with alien contacts are when they are in alpha (daydreaming), theta (just before sleep), or delta (sleep) states of consciousness. When in theta and delta, the ego mind tries to protect you by hiding these experiences.


Dr. Lisa Thompson is an Advanced Certified Past Life Regression therapist that is trained to tap into your subconscious mind where all of your memories and experiences lie hidden. She can help you to reveal your memories in great detail, so you understand the meaning of your experience and verify for yourself that it is in fact real.


Held in person of on the Big Island or over Zoom if remote.


2 hour session

Contactee Regression - 2 hr

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